Gryphon All Share Tracker Fund

The objective of the fund is to track the performance of the South African All Share Index (Total Return). Our approach to index tracking differs from our peers in that we prioritise liquidity using a process called sampling that ensures reliable, liquid exposure to the South African equity market. Counters are considered liquid by the fund if 10% of the index weight can be bought/sold in a single day based on the average trade volumes of the last 60 days.

Companies that do not publish reliable accounts of their operations are reviewed by our credit committee and, as a result, may be omitted from holdings by the fund manager.

Sector exposures are aligned to index weightings as they appear in the index unless the sector itself is considered illiquid according to our stringent liquidity requirements and/or not significant enough to be included in the fund.

  • Investors seeking diversified exposure to the South African equity market
  • The fund is ideal for creating a core equity component to which higher risk equity portfolios can be added

Portfolio Managers: Casparus Treurnicht & Abri Du Plessis
Benchmark: South African All Share Index Total Return
Fees (Incl. VAT):

  • Initial 0%
  • Annual Management Fee Fund A – 0.23%

​Minimum lump sum | R2,000
Minimum debit order | R200 p.m.

  • Unemotional rules-based investing; vanilla-tracking
  • A quantitative model governs how exposures are allocated between most liquid counters
  • Sampling is used to keep trading costs down
  • Sector exposure is neutral as prescribed by the index thus ensuring the most efficient replication of the index
  • The fund holds only JSE listed stocks but not all earnings are generated domestically

The Gryphon All Share Tracker Fund is a moderate/high-risk investment product.

Why invest?

Rainy days, exotic holidays, fancy cars, fairy-tale weddings – for most of us, these things are not going to happen unless we make it happen. To do any of this, we need to have money saved to pay for it – debt quickly turns into a dream-stealer we need to avoid.

Different types of funds

  • Cash funds give you the most predictable return,
    but probably won’t surprise you on the upside.
  • Multi asset funds move your assets between classes
    on your behalf – much like a shock absorber.
  • Index trackers follow the markets, they’re cheap
    as chips and can be just as satisfying.

Which fund?

Understanding how comfortable you are with risk can lead you in the right direction.

Ask yourself:

  • How long can I leave the money without touching it?
  • How much can I afford to save every month?
  • Could I add lump sums now and again?
  • How twitchy will I get if my value goes down?

Tools ‘n things

Playing around with the numbers can help you understand our funds a little better and can go a long way in helping you make your investment decisions. You know what they say: “The best way to learn is to do”.

Now what?

You’ve made the commitment to save and decided on a fund – the hard part is over! Now for the paperwork. Don’t despair – it’s easier than getting a driver’s licence, and we are here to walk you through the process, from the beginning until the very end.

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